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"Níl mo dheartháir dátheangach."

Translation:My brother is not bilingual.

September 10, 2014



I listened to the duolingo speaker say "dheartháir" and I checked at abair.ie comparing Gaoth Dobhair, Conamara and Corca Dhuibhne dialects.

Interesting how the differences sound... yair haw-ir versus druh' her

Apparently Munster and Uladh agree but in the west ... Conamara doesn't think that dh = a kind of y sound and then they insert an r where there isn't an r

okayyyyyyyy then :-) whew ... wow


"dátheangach" - is that an exception from the Caol le caol, leathan le leathan-rule? And why?


Looks like a compound word: = two; teanga = language. The "-ach" suffix means something like "of having".


So the rule doesn't apply in compound words?


Aye, but if you can identify which words it comprises, you should be able to tell if the consonant in question is broad or slender.


Yes exactly

two languages have

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