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More translations from English into desired language

Asides from from the final test area, is there any way to do more translations from English to whatever desired language I'm taking? I feel that's a great way to learn, perhaps even more than translating from french (which is what I'm taking) to English.

September 4, 2012



It would be a good feature, once a lesson is learned, to be able to request particular tests: translation as you suggest, or listening, ...


Another idea would be to add a second dimension to "Vocabulary" which measures our proficiency at each of the types of questions much like you do with our proficiency with each word. I would also separate each direction since S->E may be stronger than E->S in both translation and multiple choice. Then, use a weighting to ask more of those types of questions we are poor at. Either that, or allow the user to configure the quiz type in the "Vocabulary" section.

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