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"Isbjørnen spiser den danske koldskål."

Translation:The polar bear eats the Danish koldskål.

September 10, 2014



Tusind tak for den. I imagined it meant any cold dish, such as salad. Great to picture it. Looking forward to trying it.


Oh good God Koldskål occupies such a huge space in my childhood memories of Denmark...


Sounds like something great to try!


Try it. Love it. Drown in the gloriousness of koldskål and kammerjunker.


It's great. Just walk away from your computer and make it right now

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It's not a salad, then?


It's a sort of cold soup made with milk. Well, it's mostly just buttermilk and a few ingredients to add some flavour.

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Well, not easy to write it correctly when you don't have the å on your keyboard lol


You can always go to Google Translate, use virtual keyboard there and copy result here. Or just add Danish in language settings on your PC.


Is koldskål basically what you would make ice cream with but its just cold liquid rather than frozen?


Koldskål is a mixture of egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, buttermilk and lemon juice, served chilled with a type of crispy biscuit called "kammerjunkere".

If you want to freeze it to make ice cream you could, but why bother; it's extremely satisfying as it is.

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Is it similar to ymer?


No. Same colour, but koldskål is more fresh and tastes of lemon. Ymer is more like thickened milk.


I loved eating these although it can be fatty with the tykmælk :)


The translation of "koldskål" here is terrible. In a direct translation it is cold bowl. This is often used by cooks in Europe and America to make desserts or other food which must be kept cold in preparation such as "risengrød". Here, however, it is intended to mean a unique form of Dansk food called "koldskål". It is not helpful to those learning the language to use the word in the manner you did here without any explanation or help whatsoever for the student. A sentence such as "Danish youth as a treat can make koldskål by combining egg yokes, buttermilk, etc" which would alert the students that it is no longer a cold bowl any more but now a food item.


Another strange food.

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