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Translation doesn't count towards respective skill point

I'm working on the Animals, Food and Phrases level and none of the translation seems to count towards their respective skill points, though they do count towards the global point. Is this normal?

September 4, 2012



As a learner, I agree with your perception for now,


I'm pretty sure that's so you can't complete a section without finishing the required coursework. This way, for instance, you still have to do the Animals practice and pass three (or whatever) times before continuing on and unlocking the next section. You still get overall points to level up, but you can't just skip over the section.

Most of the time the translation has nothing to do with the section. It would be nice if they coincided with the lesson (e.g. Animal wiki pages in animal section, food network recipes in food section, etc.)


Random thoughts: goal of duolingo is to help translate real articles of information for benefit of all. I like the way you think in your second sentence.

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