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Football on the iphone app

Hello, I am an international sort of person, and I have been in schools run by many different countries, and I am proud to say that it doesn't bother me in the slightest when people say color, honor, valor, etc. Chaucer was rubbish at spelling, and it didn't hurt him any. In any case, English is only spelled archaically to reflect its Heritage. Unlike some people I am not terrified by the thought of us adopting Americanisms in daily life - the language is one and the same, it was just effectively cut in half by the Atlantic for a few hundred years. But there is one thing about the gap between British and US english that will always make my cry a little inside, and since Duolingo for iphone corrals me into translating 'Fußball' to 'Soccer', here are some fun facts to explain my frustration:

Languages that use "Football" or some directly translated variant:

Afrikaans: voetbal

Arabic: لُعْبَة كُرة القَدَم [translation: ball game for feet, but find me a Man U fan in Dubai that doesn't know it's football]

Portuguese: futebol

Czech: fotbal

German: Fußball

Danish: fodbold [The Danes have so many silent consonants in their language, that they apparently have to add them randomly to protect the consonants they have left ;)]

Greek:ποδόσφαιρο [podosphairo; admittedly this makes me want to ironcally call it footsphere]

Spanish: fútbol

Estonian: jalgpall [surprise surprise, jalg means foot]

Finnish: jalkapallo

Farsi:فوتبال [fotbal]

French:football[even the Academie Francaise can't get to that one]

Hebrew:כַּדוֹרֶגֶל [kaduregel - kadur:ball, regel:foot]

Hindi:फुटबॉल [phutbal]

Icelandic: fótbolti

Lithuanian: futbolas

Latvian: futbola

Dutch: voetbal

Norwegian: fotball

Pashto: فټ بال[evidently football, not sure what is different about pashto script]

Polish: piłka nożna [I am artistically translating this as 'pedalball(tm)']

Romanian: fotbal

Russian:футбол [futbol]



Slovak: futbal

Serbian: fudbal

Swedish: fotboll

Thai:ฟุตบอล [futbon]

Turkish: futbol


Chinese: 足球運動/足球运动 [literally, zúqiú yùndòng, translated: football game]

Languages that have their own unique term based on the kicking aspect of 'football', that takes place a lot during the game:

Italian: calcio [a kick]

Hungarian: futball, labdarúgás [ball kick]

Indonesian: sepakbola [no prizes for guessing what 'sepak' means]

Malay: bola sepak

Korean: 축구 [chuk gu, kick ball]

Vietnamese: môn bóng đá [team ball kick!]

UK English: A 'Kick-around'

Finally, Languages that use 'Soccer':

US English: Soccer [you know, that game that you don't like playing that involves kicking a ball around a pitch with your feet]

Japanese: サッカー [sakka - and to be quite fair, if the US had ever blown up England, we would quite happily call football "fairy dancing merry long sock trot around in the park with the boys for a bit of a light giggle" if you wanted us to]

....And I don't even like Football!

May 31, 2013


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