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"I want her to repeat the answer."

Terjemahan:Saya mau dia mengulangi jawabannya.

September 10, 2014

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kapan "want" diartikan "mau"? kapan "want" diartikan "ingin"? jawaban saya seharusnya benar.


Want = mau = ingin.


maka dr itu harusnya benar..


I'm not a native, so I hope I'm right, since I used indifferently "mau" or "ingin" for all the sentences they gave. I'm learning Indonesian with this course. If we are right, as I deduced from all the Duo's exercises, use the report button.

I wonder which one is more formal, mau or ingin.


Aku ingin dia untuk mengulangi jawabannya itu juga benar

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