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"Which man is your future husband?"

Translation:Hvilken mand er din fremtidige mand?

September 10, 2014



I don't understand why fremtidige has an 'e' at the end here. It is an adjective that describes ONE man surely. The man who will be the future husband. But it seems to be a plural adjective.


Adjectives take their e-ending between a posseive/definite arcitcle and the noun. For example:
"en fremtidig mand" = a future husband
"den fremtidige mand" = the future husband
"min/din/hendes/hans/Karolines/Sørens fremtidige mand" = my/your/her/his/Karoline's/Søren's future husband
"Manden er syg" = The man is sick


This is tricky. Thank you for your explanation. I clearly need to revise this.


Why the 'n' in hvilken?


Because mand is an n-word, and hvilken/hvilket/hvilke takes the gender or number of the thing being asked about


"Husbond" keeps appearing as an option in these multiple choice questions, is that actually a word or is it just there to trick you?


"Husbond" means "hubby", the slang cognate to husband, so it should be accepted. I chose it just to see if it would be accepted.


Is "kommende" wrong?

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