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Where does "nicht" go when negating a statement?

"He does not read many books." is translated as "Er liest nicht viele Bücher." However, I wrote "Er liest viele Bücher nicht", which is apparently wrong. I've seen "nicht" in different parts of sentences according a German grammar book I have, so I am rather confused.

September 4, 2012



According to this description I read, "nicht" implies slightly different meanings depending on its placement. Technically I think your sentence and the translated sentence are both correct. Yet, the one you wrote is possibly less formal or less accurate compared to the other.

Here is a website link that helped me understand "nicht" a little better: http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar/negationexpl.html


Wow, this website is just amazing for grammar rules! Thanks!


You're welcome. :D


Despite the slightly different emphasis, your answer is accepted now too. Thanks!

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