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  5. "Táim ag freagairt litreach."

"Táim ag freagairt litreach."

Translation:I am answering a letter.

September 10, 2014



Is "litreach" the object form of "litir"? If it was plural would the sentence be "Táim ag freagairt litreacha"?


"litreach" is the genitive singular form, and yes, I believe so


Does she say tá mé or táim? I played the audio so often, but for me it sounds like tá mé...


She's saying táim, but because she elides the g in ag, you're hearing "tawmehfragirt". But it's táim a' freagairt rather than tá mé freagairt


Yeah, I couldn't tell either but then I also couldn't tell that it was "ag" in there. I wish the people speaking were taught to make sure they pronounce every word as you should do for someone trying to learn a language. And yes, I know that it is not how people really speak but people speaking French, Spanish and English do not pronounce every letter of every word either but their languages are not taught by the way people speak


Tá mé or táim... Had the same problem and promptly picked the wrong one. Btw, i still don't know when do i use which form. Does it have to do with dialects too? Currently i 'm taking a class and it's Connacht-irish. So quite often all the grammer seems to be scrambled around.


Both forms are grammatically equivalent and correct, but Duolingo's "Type What You Hear" exercises can only accept one answer (because in most languages on Duolingo, the computer reads the script). If this had been a "Translate from English to Irish" exercise instead, it wouldn't have mattered which form you used.

As for dialect, Munster has historically favoured "synthetic" forms (táim, etc), and Ulster hardly uses them at all, preferring the "analytic" form (tá mé, etc) , but for the most common first person forms, it really doesn't matter which form you use - all Irish speakers will be familiar with them. Munster Irish still contains some synthetic forms that will confuse people who haven't encountered them before.


Go raibh maith agat! Gradually it gets a little less cloudy ;o)


very heard to decipher what voice is saying sometimes

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