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Microphone portions don't work, but only in Dutch

Hey, so I'm doing German here (just to keep up my skills I learned, because I can't speak German with people every day), and Dutch (for entertainment value - such a cute language, better than video games), and while doing German, the microphone works fine - I'll click it, say "Die Frau trinkt Wein" or whatever, click stop, and it understands me every time. However, when I try to use the microphone for the appropriate portions in Dutch, it simply doesn't work.

It's not an issue of pronunciation or anything, but a technical one. I click the microphone button, speak, then click stop, and nothing happens. Doesn't say it couldn't understand me, doesn't say anything, the screen is just as if I hadn't even clicked the mic button in the first place. It seems to only do this with Dutch, so I have no clue what the problem is here. Anyone have any suggestions?

September 10, 2014



We think this is fixed now :) please report if this is still happening to you!


Still happening to me. Chrome on OS X.


Wait, we have this in Dutch now? How have I gotten to level 7 and not seen any of these yet?


Do you use an external microphone / headset? It's strange that it works for German but not Dutch. Sometimes it is only because of your internet, it has been for me. Sometimes I would record my audio and it would register about 20 seconds later. I'm no tech professional, so I'm not sure I can provide much help


Yes, I'm on a desktop computer and I'm using a logitech headset. It's absolutely not because of my internet, because after seeing it wasn't working, I immediately opened a German lesson in another tab and tested it there, and that was working just fine.


I've had the exact same issue. I end up having to disable the microphone for an hour, because otherwise I can't get through a lesson, and then I don't get any speaking exercises for days. It just seems to not be working correctly within the Dutch course at present. So, I'm assuming that they are still testing it...maybe it will appear again and work correctly once it's truly ready for us!


I have the same problem!!

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