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"Zijn wij in de tuin aan het spelen?"

Translation:Are we playing in the garden?

September 10, 2014



Is this like in English, where you can ask a question about the future by using the present?

For example "Are we playing in the garden?" most likely means "are we going to play in the garden"? and not "what's going on? Where are we? And what are these movements and rules in which we seem to have involved ourselves with?"


No, in Dutch you can't use the present continuous construction ("aan het" + inf.) to indicate a future action, like in English. However, you can use the present simple for that purpose:

  • Spelen we vandaag in de tuin? - Are we playing in the garden today?


Can you not say, "Ik ben op Dinsdag in België aan het zwemmen"?


It means the latter in Dutch (what's going on!? where are we?!). You could still ask a question about the future by using the present though. It would be: "Spelen we in de tuin?".

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