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Dutch Study Group. Anyone interested?

Hello, everyone. I thought I'd come up with a small study group for people who are learning Dutch to be a part of.


• A small study group comprising of about two to five people with possibly a Dutch native to oversee our sessions to help us keep on track. If you are Dutch, please feel free to volunteer.

EDIT: My fiancé has volunteered to help oversee things. No idea why I didn't think of that one before, but if any other Dutch natives would like to help out still, you can! :)

• The group will be for people who are scared to converse with people in public (the street, supermarket etc) or just don’t have the ability to interact with any people who talk Dutch or are learning Dutch where they live.

• The target or goal of a small group is to help boost our confidence in a casual environment where there is no pressure to strictly speak Dutch. We are all people who are trying to learn a language, and for some people interacting in a conversational situation can be difficult to the point it causes anxiety. I want to help people, who like me, find it difficult to interact and find the confidence to just speak in Dutch out of the blue.

• The sessions will be around twice a week, sometimes three depending on how busy we are. I will let you know when I am available in the group chat and we will organise it around everyone’s schedules so that everyone has the ability to progress consistently.

• The sessions will start off with things such as introducing ourselves, learning how to say hello and basically getting to know each other. We don’t necessarily have to always interact in Dutch as some of us are still beginners and it’d be fun to get to start some sessions in English before transitioning to conversing in Dutch so that way we don’t feel too pressured straight away if some of us are feeling less confident than others at the start of the sessions. We will also go through and list things that we’d each individually like to improve on in our learning.

Example: If people are struggling with pronunciation, we’ll work on that for the session – then if others feel they need help with making sure their conversations keep flowing, we’ll also do that. We’ll adjust the sessions to fit everyone’s individual needs.

• I know that sharing Skype information is prohibited on Duolingo, so if you would like to take part in the group, you can do so by contacting me through twitter (my twitter handle is in my Duo profile) and that way the sharing of personal information is away from Duolingo. I don’t mind people contacting me through twitter as for me, it’s just a place to socially network and my twitter isn’t too personal to me. I interact with people all over the world on there – if that isn’t allowed then please Mods, let me know. If you don’t have twitter, hit me up on my activity stream and we’ll find a way to get you to take part in the group. If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about getting people into the groups without sharing personal information on Duolingo, please let me know.

EDIT: If anyone wants to join, you can anonymously message your Skype ID (you don't need a tumblr account) on my tumblr, just let me know what your Duolingo username is in the message! Bedankt!

• If you’re wondering why the group is consisting of a small amount of people, this is because I find that smaller groups have a much easier time to progress and interact as it feels closer to a one-on-one session but without feeling like you’re completely alone, and that there are other people going through the exact same things you are. I’m also open to people creating several small study groups of their own through this thread if they’d like to. I’m not in charge of this idea, so feel free to go off this idea and organise things as you’d like. You can also be part of several small study groups if you’d like to.

• Also, if I’m not available for a group session but everyone else is – they can continue and go ahead with the planned session. I don’t want to be a person that is always in charge of when these things go ahead, and I’m happy for people to be in a group conversation even if I am not taking part in it.

• If any moderators or staff thinks this is an inappropriate idea, please let me know. Or if any of the Dutch course moderators would like to help us in these sessions, please go ahead. The more help, the merrier.

I am aware that I do have my own Dutch fiancé to help supplement my learning, but even though I’m very appreciative of everything he has taught me – I think it would benefit my own learning if I am able to branch out a little bit and interact with people who are also on the same learning level as me. Add the fact; I don’t want to make him feel like I rely on him too much to learn Dutch. I want to feel a little more independent and take my learning on the next level – as many of us would like to.

Plus, it can feel very lonely if he is on a long shift at work and I have no one to practise my Dutch with during the week. Not to mention I can get pretty strange looks from my family when I sit in my lounge just speaking Dutch to myself! I think it would definitely boost my own and many other people’s confidence levels if we did this, and we’d all make some friends in the process.

Please let me know your thoughts on this everyone and I look forward to hearing from you!

This is my first time ever suggesting myself to do this, so if things seem really unorganised in my post then I apologise. I'm really quite nervous about writing this.



September 10, 2014



I think this is a wonderful idea. It is unlikely that many people have the chance to practice actually having spoken conversations in Dutch, so this could be very beneficial.

Don't worry - it seems pretty darn organized. I love the idea of meeting a couple times a week to cover different topics.

I don't have a Twitter account, but would love to participate in this. Even if no one else joins, I would love to converse with you, as you probably know a decent amount of Dutch and I would like to get to know you better. You mentioned there possibly being another way of sharing our Skype information. Do you have any ideas?


I heard you had a deviantart, maybe I could message you on that as that's where you publicly display your artwork right? :)

Or if people have tumblr, they could privately message their skypes that way :)

EDIT: People don't need to have a tumblr account to message on there, they can do it anonymously, just as long as they include their duo name in the message :)


I have both a Tumblr and a deviantART account. I don't get on Tumblr often, so it might be best if you message me on deviantART. I was actually thinking about getting on there today. ;) Do you have an account? Since it's a very public website, I don't think the people of Duolingo will have a problem with me linking you to my artwork...

EDIT: Ah, okay. That makes things a bit simpler.


I do have an account on deviantart, if I can remember my log in haha :) If not, just throw an anonymous private message on tumblr (it's linked in my original post) and I'll add you on skype :)


How about I just message you on Tumblr. It would be quicker that way since I don't even have to sign in. You should be getting a message soon. :)


I believe I sent you my info...not too Tumblr savvy. ;)


Do you think you'd want to try it? Or did you just think it was a cool idea? Just wondering.


I'll give it a try! Maybe I'll go just to one session, because I barely started and I see all of you are already above level 6 on Dutch.


You definitely should! Just contact her (either through Twitter or Tumblr) telling her your Skype username, and I'm sure you'll get to you soon. ^_^ If you would like me to add you now, here's my Tumblr: http://sonlightmoonata.tumblr.com/

There's something for you to click in the top left corner, and something called "Ask me anything" will show up. Click on that, then send your Skype name through there, and I'll add you. :)


I think I added you on Skype.


Hello, it's fine that your level is lower than ours. All our levels mean is that we've just gained a lot of XP, it doesn't necessarily mean that it reflects our language abilities ;)

If you also send me your Skype through my tumblr then I shall add you. I've only just woke so I'm going through everyone's comments atm. But like DieDeutscheMan (Olivia) has said below, the amount of vocabulary you know isn't a problem as we'll be starting off with using the basic phrases anyway, which is a few skills before Food I think :)


I am very interested! I don't have much vocabulary right now, but I'm am very enthusiastic with Dutch and it definitely would be very helpful!


The amount of vocabulary you know isn't a problem. I know 1,000 words from self studying but I can't confidently put them together. This group is just to help people with gaining confidence, there is no knowledge or amount of vocab requirement to get in - other than the enthusiasm to try.

I'll be checking my tumblr messages in a bit if you've sent your Skype through :)


Thanks! I've just sent you my username! :)


It's okay if you don't know much vocabulary yet! Your level is proof enough of your enthusiasm. I'm almost to the end of the tree and my level is lower than yours. ;) If you look a couple posts above yours you'll find a link to my Tumblr. Just send me a message on there with your Skype info and I'll add you.

P.S.: You should do the same for Jane! You can find a link to her Tumblr in her post. :)


Done! I've sent you my username :)


Yep, I got the message. :) I added you into my contacts and send you a request.


I'm interested, but don't know if being located in North America will be an issue (because of the time difference). I sent you a message on tumblr, Jane!


It shouldn't be a problem as I'll be available for sessions between 1pm and 7.30pm UK time most of the time (I fit it around when my fiance goes to work as we maintain communication through Skype due to being long distance) so time shouldn't be a problem and I can always be messaged if needed :)

Shall check shortly! Dank je wel :)


Oops, I replied to your message on tumblr and it seems to have made your message disappear, I included my skype in my reply and I can't relocate your skype so feel free to add mine from the message I sent you.


I am totally interested in participating! But I just started graduate school I know things might get crazy for me soon - still I would like to try, I'm only level 7 in dutch so far but I really love it would like to practice with like minded folks! I have a tumblr, a fb account that is linked to duolingo too. Feel free to contact me either way :D

(on tumblr I'm "ajp3")


I shall send you my Skype in a bit when on tumblr then. And it's fine for your schedule to get crazy, say for example if I'm not available for a day but you and the rest of the group are: it can go ahead - as I'm perfectly fine with that. No one's necessarily going to be a group leader as I want us to be able to have our own inputs of how these sessions go (they will be casual and we will fit it to everyone's needs). Just needing a Dutchie to volunteer to help oversee things if possible :3

Let the people who are shy about speaking their target languages, have a voice! :)


I already sent you a tweet. Thanks :-)


Shall check my twitter soon! Graag gedaan! :)


I checked my twitter mentions and there's nothing in there, did you send it to the correct twitter profile? (@davyandjaney) :)


Awwww... I looked for JaneEmily... lol


How did it go? Thinking about doing the same ....


The guidelines state that people shouldn't share personal information mainly for their own safety.

What you could do is share your email for a half a minute on someone's stream. The system will then send a notification email to that person and you can delete the original message from the stream.


I already stated I was aware that sharing Skype ids is prohibited, hence why I linked them to a place off-site to send skype information if they'd like to be a part of it ^_^ I don't want people sharing their Skype on Duolingo and getting in trouble for it, that's why I asked people to send me it through twitter or send it in an anonymous message on tumblr as both places are public etc. :)


I would be interested in typed form only - I have a Belgian wife and thus plenty of opportunity to practise verbal communication, but written communication I have less opportunity.


I would be more than happy to help you practice Dutch in written form, if you'd like.


I would love to be involved! My skype is hale97 and my kik is haleyann97 if anyone is interested.


Please don't post your skype/kik on Duolingo. I asked for people who want to join the study group for Dutch to send me an anonymous private message through tumblr - away from Duolingo so people don't get in trouble for posting their personal id's and it refrains from this discussion getting deleted too. Please delete your comment so your Skype doesn't fall into the wrong hands, and so you don't get in trouble with moderators and message me it through tumblr if you want to take part! Bedankt! :)


Oh, I appologize. And technically we have more security giving out skype with the ability to block people. ad where would your tumblr be?


Yeah I understand that, but Duolingo have guidelines which tries to refrain from users posting their personal information. I only linked my tumblr (in the original post) as to me it's a public place that people will see regardless(and if I wanted it to be seen as personal I would've privatised it), whereas a Skype is used more to keep in contact with people such as friends/family etc and is considered to be something more personal as it uses your DOB in its information as well as a full name.

Unfortunately, I think right now the amount of people we have for our group is at a good number. Some people are still a bit scared to take the plunge after our first session and it's still a bit daunting to them, even with a few of us so to keep it from overgrowing and from making people feel even more anxious about communicating with more people I think the size of the group we have currently is doing well. But I know there's also a few people in here that also want to participate, perhaps you can team up together and make another study group? Like I suggested in my original post, I really don't mind people making another group - and they can even use this little document I made up for my own group to use :) thanks for showing interest though! I'll give you some lingots to make up for it :)


I'd definitely be interested! I'll message you on your tumblr.


I responded to you through your profile/activity stream. But here is the document I made for my own study group in case you would like to use it with another. Thanks for showing interest! Have some lingots to make up for it :)


I'm interested to know if you're had your first session yet, and how it went? I live in the Netherlands, will you do any of these sessions f2f?


We had our first small session last Wednesday. I think it went quite well, not everyone was able to make it as the time differences but those who did - I think did excellent. Some people were still a bit shy, but I think it went quite smooth. Of course, the first few sessions will seem a bit awkward as people are still new to it but on the most part everyone did really good who participated.

And I think we won't be doing the sessions face to face, as a group call on Skype itself can take a bit of bandwidth up - especially with quite a few connections so having video chat enabled will probably make the call quality itself quite poor meaning that pronunciation of things people are saying may not be so clear for others to hear. Add the fact that some people are quite nervous audio-chatting let alone video-chatting, and myself am quite shy of going on video-chat so I wouldn't force anyone to do that. The purpose of the sessions is to just practice conversations and pronunciation and help answer any questions of those who find certain aspects of Dutch difficult :)


Hallo, i was wondering how well this study group worked (is working). It seems like a great idea, and i am deciding if i want to create a group similar to this that can help people learning Dutch work on pronunciation, initiate conversation with others and keeping a conversation going in an environment with like-minded individuals.


Hi all - is a similar study group active at the moment? Would love to join one. Dank je!

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