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  5. "They write for decades."

"They write for decades."

Translation:Zij schrijven voor decennia.

September 10, 2014



'zij schrijven al voor een decennia' zou kloppen


It's either: voor decennia (for decades) or voor een decennium (for a decade).


I agree that the Dutch sentence looks wrong, also see the reverse discussion for the same sentence here.


they are writing for decades


"zij schrijven decennia" ???? Decennia is al meervoud, zij schrijven seconden, minuten, uren, dagen, weken, maanden, jaren, decennia, eeuwen. ???


Wat bedoel je? Ik snap het niet. Kan je dat in het Engels uitleggen?


Waarom? Je nederlands is al uitstekend :) . Ok at special request. :) My translation to dutch of the english phrase: "They write for decades" was "Zij schrijven decennia", which was not accepted by Duolingo. I want to know what is wrong. Decennia = decades. Decennia is already plural. The word "lang" is not a necessary addition to decennia. Decennialang. Zij schrijven seconden, minuten, uren, dagen, weken, maanden, jaren, decennia, eeuwen. ??? Sounds also good to me. Although decennialang is better, i have to admit. By the way: google translate https://translate.google.com/#en/nl/They%20write%20for%20decades proposes: Ze schrijven voor tientallen jaren. Also not bad.


Bedankt! Well, I'd say maybe it has to do with 'voor' not being there. Although I don't know if it'd be required in that context, of course. I would have said 'Ze schrijven voor decennia', but as I'm a learner, I can very easily screw up, especially when it comes to prepositions and word order.

I'm not a fan of Google Translate, by the way :) Hardly ever use it, unless I visit a Russian website or something ;)

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