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  5. "I can understand the book."

"I can understand the book."

Translation:Táim in ann an leabhar a thuiscint.

September 10, 2014



Can you use a form of "is féidir liom" here?


Does this literally mean 'I'm in there to understand the book'?


I put "táim ábalta an leabhar a thuiscint" and it was marked incorrect?


Based on other sentences in Duolingo, it seems to me that "táim ábalta..." might be OK for this sentence. But I'm no expert, and perhaps there is something that I'm not grasping about Irish in this context....


I am not sure but I think that IN ANN is ABLE in Cúige Connacht dialect.


Confusing. Why?! Is it often said this way or is "Is feider liom" a better way?


While Is féidir liom is used, I wouldn't consider it better, as such. is féidir emphasises the fact that it is possible for me to understand the book, in ann and ábalta emphasis that I have the capability. In many cases it doesn't matter which phrase you use, in some cases, it might be more appropriate to use one rather than another.


What about thuigim an leabhar?


What about it?

Without the extraneous séimhiú, tuigim an leabhar means "I understand the book", not "I can understand the book".

The point of the exercise is to give you an opportunity to use that word "can".

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