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"Han spiser tre brød en uge!"

Translation:He eats three loaves of bread in a week!

September 10, 2014



is three loaves a week not the same as three loaves in a week?


I think "three loaves a week" should be accepted, as should "per week". I have reported it.


Should this be translated as loaves? I'm not sure if there is another word for a loaf of bread, can anyone clarify?


Yes, it should be "...three loaves of bread...". You just have to report the error and wait for them to get round to correcting it. I reported this on the second or third day after the course was released, but there are a lot of sentences to get through. It's the joy of beta, I guess!

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Yeah I had reported it too but i think they have a serious backlog!


Should "bread loaves" be accepted?


.....as distinct from nut loaves etc. 'Bread loaves' gives more accurate information about the type of loaf...


I protest, where does 'loaves' come from? And why not 'three breads per week'?

  1. Bread is an uncountable noun.
  2. Bread may refer to a loaf or a slice. If you want to distinguish between one or the other, you must specify.


The English translation is simply 'three bread'. Why is it automatically loaves, versus pieces or slices?


You are talking about if you directly translated it. But yes, if tre brød generally means loaves, then how do you distinguish this from pieces/slices haha. I was thinking the same thing!


I got correct answer but why it said wrong ;)

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