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a great video to watch

September 10, 2014



Is fíor é. Tá orainn Gaeilge a labhairt agus cuir Gaeilge ar ár bpáistí nuair a tá said leamhí.

^^ i will try saying that again when I have finished the course :) ^^

But basically what I want to say is- YES- it is a big ask to demand people speak a language which is not their native tongue to their infants but it is the only real way we are going to keep the teanga beo.

Even (ESPECIALLY) if we decide to go abroad- we must take the language with us. Where I live in Ireland we hear more Polish in streets than Irish (and I have no problem with that- I think I it's great living in a multicultural multilingual society but it is shameful how little us Gaels have done to preserve our teanga bróduil)

Irish is a very important language- it is the third oldest written language in Europe (after Latin and Greek) (some ones probably going to contradict that now and fair enough but this is a statistic often heard and it's probably due to the amount of writing)

Old irish (not soo different to modern irish (fairly understandable say some of my friends- and definitely less different than English and old English anyway) is one of the languages judged to be 'old' enough to help in the reconstruction of the PROTO INDO EUROPEAN language.

-But it's not all doom and gloom-

Irish is on the up! Mainly thanks to the gaelscoil movement and since the Celtic tiger more people have an awareness of Irish ( and perhaps this has caused more interest in the preservation of the Celtic language in Britain too). There is even a university in Poland which TEACHES Gaeilge!

Anyway, I've had my rant and. I'm going off now for mo chupán tae!


Excellent video.

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