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"I looked at him and saw that he had not liked."

Translation:Eu olhei para ele e vi que ele não tinha gostado.

June 1, 2013



This English sentence is not correct grammar. I haven't been to this to report it but if someone could that would be helpful :) The correct would be: *..that he had not liked it." or "hadn't liked it"


Yeah.... oh Port, why out of Beta?


I will report! The constuction requires an object of some sort. I was given the sentence in English and thought this was someone having written "that" in stead of "what" .... that would have made sence. So I tried "o que" in Portuguese. Oh, no :)


This is the worst translation ever. I cannot say whether the Portuguese is correct or not but the English translation is completely wrong. The final verb "liked" requires a direct object. I would suggest you add the word "it".


I absolutely understand the sentence in Portuguese, bit in English it looks so wrong.


"Eu o olhei e vi que ele não tinha gostado" Can someone explain why my translation is incorrect?


I dunno it exactly through grammar, but ive never heard of that. "Eu o vi...." (i saw him....) is totally correct, but we always say "olhar para"


Got it! Thanks man


Thanks? I wasnt even able to explain you the reason why it is this way.... :(


It's alright. I now know that "olhei para ele" is used instead of "o olhei" for "I looked at him". Some things are very hard to explain, but I appreciate the response.


Alright.... thx :)

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