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"De verwarde oude man lijkt bedroefd."

Translation:The confused old man seems sad.

September 10, 2014



Is er een verschil tussen "verdrietig" en "bedroefd?"


No, they mean pretty much the same.


By the way, how many Dutch words mean "sad"? I have known so far "verdrietig", "bedroefd", "treurig", and "droevig". In Van Dale Woordenboek, the three words except "verdrietig" are used to explain one another, suggesting they are synonyms to some extent. Since "verdrietig" and "bedroefd" mean the same as well, does this mean all these four words are all synonyms? Do they possibly differ in the context of usage?


The difference is too small for me to be able to tell you :-) The only thing I can think of is that 'bedroefd' is always something you say from a person. The other 3 can apply to people, but also to things or situations.


"triest" also means "sad".


I wonder if any of the various options imply that there are actual tears involved?


No they don't


Bedroefd and droevig sre basicslly the same word where bedroefd means saddened and droevig means sad. Treurig also has betreurd. They are basically synonyms where I'd say verdrietig is most commonly used. I feel like treurig is moreso informally used to belittle something just like zielig (also sad but not used to describe an emotional state). I would say you can just use verdrietig to describe an emotional state and the others for situations to make it simple


Just making sure...bedankt!


so what is the difference between blijken and lijken again?


(1) Ze leek niet thuis te zijn. (2) Ze bleek niet thuis te zijn. - In sentence one, you are not 100% sure if she is not home, but it seems. In sentence two, it's more like an accepted truth.


Oh thanks!! So from the weakest to the strongest it would be schijnen, lijken, blijken.



Yes, that is correct :)


I'd say blijken is something that's been confirmed to be the case. I wouldn't use it if I wasn't certain.


What only "seems" and not "appears"?

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