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  5. "I hører katten."

"I hører katten."

Translation:You are hearing the cat.

September 10, 2014



surely "Y'all can hear the cat" is not a valid answer to this question...


No, but only because the modal verb 'can' is involved. Y'all is a perfectly acceptable 2nd person plural pronoun, in some dialects of English.

Was Y'all can hear the cat. a suggested translation?


it was a solution. i would have thought y'all is a slang term, and not really useful for most people, so was just curious as to how it was included as a valid option


In fact, we have been told that we must include "you all" and "you guys" as valid translations for plural "you" :)

You might be surprised by the number of reports we have where people want these translations to be accepted hehe.


Where is the "yinz"?? Pittsburghers represent!!


To some people, y'all is the most appropriate pronoun for the situation, in their version of English. I see no issue with it being included as a solution, especially as it's not the only one. You don't have to use it, but the option's there for anyone that would like to. :)


literally right now my cat is begging to be fed


with "type what you hear" I typed (because that's what I heard...)

I høVer katten

And it was accepted.

I think it should not, this kind of mistake is not just a typo.

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