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People singing in Dutch :)

So, you have done the ALS ice bucket challenge. What to do next?

"Bassie en Adriaan" was a Dutch kids series, broadcasted from 1978 till 1995. Hallo vriendjes is the intro of the program, and it is made of quite basic words. Here (website in Dutch) you can see some attempts (The American will need some practise :p). If you try it yourself, post a link to your video in the comments :) At the start of this video you will see the intro. And here is the karaoke version :D

September 10, 2014



I loved bassie and adriaan as a kid! Ah, sweet nostalgia. In hindsight Bassie looks like a really creepy clown, though. Still, he's awesome, and I read today that he (the actor)'s seen these videos and that it made him really excited now that he's old and retired but 'internet famous!' , as he put it. I don't know if someone's considered internet famous just because of this, but hey, if it makes him happy.


Oh my goodness, the nostalgia xD I used to watch that all the time as a kid, haha. Would love to see some attempts at the theme song from learners here ;)


Lol, I saw this in the Jeugdjournaal a couple of minutes ago...

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