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  5. "Jeg læser dem menuen."

"Jeg læser dem menuen."

Translation:I am reading them the menu.

September 10, 2014



The listening is getting really hard in this skill.


Yup, pretty much. Try using a headset.


I am a fluent speaker, and the Danish of this sentence should be "Jeg læser menuen til dem", the one here is extremely awkward and really is completely dramatically incorrect.


I'm Danish. You're not right. A native Danish speaker will never say, what you suggest. We say Jeg læser menuen for dem


I think the point is that 'dem' would not come before 'menuen'.


It can. This sentence is not wrong. It would maybe be better in it's full form but it can be said and understood like this.


OK. I was just saying that they were quibbling over the prepositions - 'til' and 'for', but each was saying that the 'dem' comes at the end.

So, I'm guessing it can be said either way - the dem before 'menuen' or after?


Yes, but the people complaining about "Jeg læser dem menuen" are right in a way, since this is not the most normal way of saying it. It sounds a little old and formal. And, you can't use a preposition in this structure.

"Jeg læser menuen for dem." is the most common way of saying it.


Does anybody else have a problem with the audio? For me the word "dem" is cut out, so it sounds like "jeg læser... menuen."


I would never ever say this in Danish.


How would you say it?


"Jeg læser menuen for/til dem" (I read the menu for/to them). I've never heard anyone say "Jeg læser dem -blank-". It just sounded to me like they were reading the people, rather than the menu, so I had to listen to it twice to make sure I actually heard that right.


does 'dem' also means 'you'? If so, "I read you the menu" is wrong?


"dem" means them but "Dem" with a capital D is a formal way of saying you. As in when you are addressing the queen


This is a weird sentence


That's because, it's not Danish. I'm a native Danish speaker.


Can a native Danish speaker please confirm whether or not this is a correct sentence?


I'm a native Danish speaker and in Denmark we say:"Jeg læser menuen for dem"


A advanced question perhaps: Probably the Danish sentence implies that the person is reading the menu out loud. But how would one say that (s)he is reading it silently to inform the others later on? Tak for hjelpen!


Absolutely nonsense in Danish. This sentence is in danglish


Why does it have to be "I am reading" instead of "I read"? Because so far it has not been clear the verbs tense and it has always been correct either way except for this one question?!

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