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Stress in Spanish

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I found this on a website and thought it was worth sharing!

If you're ever curious where to put the stress on any Spanish word, here is the rule:

If the word ends in n, s, or a vowel put the stress on the penultimate syllable. Ex. donde, joven, buenos. Otherwise, put the stress on the last syllable. Ex. tercer, usted. But, if the word has a written accent, the stress goes on the syllable with the accent. Ex. aquí, está.

Remember! All question words have written accent marks!

Here's a poem (kind of):

If a word ends in a vowel, n, or s The next-to-last syllable gets the stress For everything else we stress the end And where a word breaks the rule, we accent!

4 years ago

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Muchas gracias! This is very helpful for me. Love the poem.

4 years ago