"Franskmanden spiser et æble og et brød mens italieneren svømmer med ænderne."

Translation:The Frenchman eats an apple and a loaf of bread while the Italian swims with the ducks.

September 10, 2014

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Thank you to the Danish team for making these sentences so interesting (and at times very random)!


Classic sentence there, I use it all the time


I was surprised to see the Danes have this expression too. I think I heard it on Rita once.


The sentence that makes me cry when it appears in a timed practice...


Also: "Europa er ikke kun et land: Europa er Frankrig, Danmark, Tyskland, England, og meget mere." Jep, I've got that one memorised, simply because it comes up sååå often... Og derefter er jeg så glad når jeg få den korrekt :D Although, I don't know if I should use få there. I used to think it meant something more like receive, but some guy on a forum talte om hvordan han kunne ikke få ("den") til at virke.


I can't see when you wrote this comment because for some reason when people's comments were written disappears after clicking like on another post, but I think it would've been "når jeg fåR den korrekt."


Haha, luckily for me it was at the end of one, so I had 2 minutes to spare.


I can eat a whole baguette, no trouble..


Picnicing and swimming in the river; a perfect day out.


That was really confusing

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