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  5. "Does he eat the dinner?"

"Does he eat the dinner?"

Translation:Spiser han aftensmaden?

September 10, 2014



While I agree with you, to me it has always been a word that's used in a more 'sophisticated' setting, than just 'regular' dinner. A more refined meal often including both starter, main course and dessert. That being said, it isn't more correct to say "aftensmad" instead of "middag" - it does however make it sound like a 'grander' affair.


Like. . Dinner as opposed to supper maybe?


Yes. Just like that :) though if I had to get detailed supper is probably more formal than middag. I think you're more likely to find an average Danish family saying middag than an average British/American family saying supper.


Which one are you referring to as the one that is more sophisticated?


Aftensmad = informal Middag = formal


Wait a minute. I thought that meant noon. both noon and lunch (meal eaten at mid day) too?


How does Danish differentiate between 'does he eat the dinner?' as here, and' is he eating the dinner?'?


It doesn't. I believe Danish doesn't really work with continuous tenses.

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