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Weird progress

I'm having the strange experience in Danish, of hearing the language being spoken and thinking it sounds like the sentence has no words in it at all - only the sound of a tongue being rolled around in an open mouth. And yet, when I go to translate it I get it right again and again.

I've never before had the experience of not being able to understand, and yet knowing what is being said. Weird.

Maybe this comes from the underlying closeness between English and the Scandanavian languages, plus some experience with Dutch and German?

I suppose this will happen less often as I get into more unfamiliar topics on the one hand, and become more accustomed to Danish pronunciation on the other. Anyway, for now it's like magic.

September 10, 2014



I've never before had the experience of not being able to understand, and yet knowing what is being said. Weird.

Sounds like some sort of paradox. Either way, that is like magic for sure. Is it similar to hearing someone talk, but not paying full attention so you don't "know" what they said, but you know?


A lot like that. There's a lot of deduction going on - "it can't be this, it must be that"- that sort of thing. But I often wonder how in the world I could possibly be right, when I feel so completely baffled.


Sounds like your Danish second-nature is kicking in. You are starting to sense what is right, without truly knowing. :) That does feel strange the first few times, but it's also exciting. How far along are you in the tree?


I'm trying to finish one skill per day, as long as my timed practice scores remain at 16+. Right now, I'm on "Adverbs" with 554 words.


Great! I might adopt something similar to that, if you don't mind. :) Best wishes to your Danish learning!


Hey Alexis, where's the Mod ring? I don't see it in this thread!




Oh...NO WE'RE ALL DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I often feel like danish is like learning 2 languages, one written and a whole new one spoken. I often have major difficulties to understand words that I would know if I'd see them written and just don't recognize them due to the very different way it is pronounced. I often end up listening to the tts over and over again. Sometimes I'll understand it after several times and thinking about what it could be. But in very rare cases I actually do understand when I really don't. It happened to me before but not often.


Hooray for cognition!


I actually feel like this is a good sign. When I am understanding a language, I don't really hear the individual words, as such. As in, my mind doesn't hear each individual word and have to work to translate it. The whole thing just flows. Danish sentence in => English sentence out.

Now, that doesn't mean I can speak it yet! :)


Danish is very much like that for me, being norwegian, I kind of understand what they are trying to say, but the words gets muddied up together..


I know exactly what you mean! I am experiencing the same thing. It seems so hard to understand Danish, and yet I keep on finishing lessons in one single attempt.

I think you may be right about the connection with other languages. I am a native Dutch speaker and I was surprised about the similarities I found between Danish and Dutch.

Well, keep up the good work and have fun! :-)


I'm also baffled by the number of times I finish a lesson with all my hearts, yet feel completely baffled and like I can't remember a single thing! I'm hoping the more times I repeat the lessons the more it will make sense to me.

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