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"After breakfast, we went out."

Translation:Efter morgenmaden gik vi ud.

September 11, 2014



Yes, why is the "morgenmaden" definite here?


Same mistake here. Could any one clarify why is it morgenmaden instead of morgenmad?


I agree that morgenmad would be more correct as morgenmaden is the breakfast vs just breakfast. :-) when en or et is at the back it is "the xxxxx". The car = bilen vs just bil etc. Just my view. :-) Therefor I also believe morgenmad should be acceptable as it is grammatical correct.


Does it always have to be definite? I think I saw a similar thread, but I can't remember what the outcome was.


It shouldn't be definite, Not "morgenmaden" but "morgenmad"


The hint also states morgenmad...


It's about time. YOU. Put the right TRANSLATION. It's becoming ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. How is this helping. Of Course. It's free. If I brought this Program. Would it be the same. My AUSTRALIAN THINKING. Y E S


Can you not have "gik" and "vi" the other way round?


I am learning that in Danish, when the verb of the sentence is after some timeframe or something then you do an inversion. "Vi gik til Rema 1000" "Efter morgenmaden, gik vi til Rema 1000," "Om Onsdagen, gik vi til Rema 1000." Or at least that is how it seems to me.


No. Danish, like all Scandinavian languages, has the V2 rule - meaning that the verb must always come second in the sentence. Usually the subject would come first - "Vi gik ud efter morgensmad", for example - but the other parts of the sentence may be shuffled to emphasise a specific aspect of the sentence, in this instance the time when the act was performed. When that happens - the verb must remain second, and the subject is pushed down the sentence. Thus - "efter morgensmad gik vi ud".


wouldn't the verb be the 3rd word in this sentence?


Why is it UD instead of UDE?


Do YOU ever, take notice.

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