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  5. "I like cake."

"I like cake."

Translation:Eu gosto de bolo.

June 1, 2013



So a few questions before I had "I eat bread" or something like that, and I wanted to see if i could get away with COMO PAO instead of EU COMO PAO and it worked no problem. Tried it on this questions and it marked it wrong. I had just put GOSTO DE BOLO, can anyone explain? Does this verb need extra specification or something? obrigada!


It should have accepted "gosto de bolo"


This program is set to use the words it has trained you with. No need to get fancy with other words or meanings. Keep it simple.


Can I say "Eu gosta bolo", or do we have to put "de" ?


Everytime you use gostar you have to add DE


Every time you use the verb "gostar" you have to use the preposition "de". But no matter you gender you have to use "gosto" on the 1st person of singular, "gosta" is 3rd person of singular.


It needs to be "eu gosto de bolo" with an o at the end of gosto and it needs the de

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