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  5. "Zij leest de krant."

"Zij leest de krant."

Translation:She reads the newspaper.

September 11, 2014



How come if i write "they read the newspaper" it is wrong?


Because the form "leest" (a conjugation of the verb "lezen", to read ) tells us that "zij" must be singular in this sentence. They read the newspaper would translate to Dutch as "Zij lezen de krant".

See here for some more on Dutch conjugation. Unfortunately, "lezen" is slightly irregular:

  • Ik lees - I read
  • Jij leest - You read
  • Hij/Zij/Het leest - He/She/It reads
  • Wij lezen - We read
  • Jullie lezen - You (plural) read
  • Zij lezen - They read


leest is singular? lezen is plural?


zij can be she or they

[deactivated user]

    Yes. But you must pay attention to the verb.

    'Zij leest' = 'She reads/is reading'

    'Zij lezen' - 'They read/are reading'


    How is the "ee" in Dutch pronounced? Does it depend on the word?

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