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"Glaonn sibh bhur mbean chéile."

Translation:You call your wife.

September 11, 2014



Why here its just Glaonn sibh bhur mbean cheile without any preposition, and before i've had a sentence Glaoim ar mo mhathair ? Is there a difference in meaning or simply the preposition ar is optional?


The verb glaoigh can be either transitive or intransitive, just like its English analogue “call”. The real question is whether or not the same sense of the word was intended by the course designers for the translations of both of these examples.


I feel that in this case ar would be needed. I can't think of any way to construct this that makes sense without it. Unless it was supposed to be *Glaonn sibh "bhur mbean chéile." *


Would ar be needed to call in the card game sense, e.g. to match a raise in poker?


Looking at definition 4 under the second entry, it seems that could be a possible case. I honestly didn't even think of that one.


sibh=you plural so the correct answer should be you call your WIVES


I wrote 'Ye call your wife' and was marked wrong. Why?

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Why is there no "ar" here?

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