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  5. "When I cook, he eats."

"When I cook, he eats."

अनुवाद:जब मैं खाना बनाता हूँ, वह खाता है।

September 11, 2014

6 टिप्पणियाँ


I wrote "जब मैं खाना बनाती हूँ, वह खता है " Why can't this be counted as a typo when it actually is!!!!!!?


I entered "कब मैं पकाता हूँ, वह खाता है।" instead of "जब मैं..." The mistake here is pretty critical, not just a typo. But surprisingly the answer was accepted, with the message that there was a typo. Please fix this.


Thanks for letting us know. This shouldn't be allowed. The rules should be that if you have one letter different then it is accepted as a typo - unless the word you have typed is another valid word, in which case you get the question wrong so you definitely should have got the question wrong. Unfortunately we are having some problems implementing this with Hindi, but it will be fixed soon :)


वह खाता है, मैं जब खाना पकाता हूँ?

Why it can't be right when it actually is right Haa!!!!!!?

Tell me important.


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