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Feature Request: More explanation bubbles to help with tricky grammar along the way!

I'm learning German, and I feel that sometimes new concepts are introduced with no explanation of when and how I use them over the basic ones.

For example with 'the children' - den Kindern/die Kinder.

I thought I had the pluralisation of 'das Kind' understood with 'die Kinder', but now suddenly that's not the case and I don't have any clue of the difference. (I'm sure I'll work it out eventually! Probably subject/object of the sentence) but I still feel that in instances such as this a little info bubble telling me why I should use it there would be really helpful!

Thanks guys!

June 1, 2013



This is something we're working on (particularly for German). Appreciate this feedback!


I like how Duolingo always gives you the opportunity to figure out the grammar for yourself. Of course, if I'm getting frustrated, I can look it up. Duolingo is adding more and more pop-up grammar. And, the discussion boards are also very helpful. And, you can always crack open a grammar book which I haven't done in ages.


I agree. You tend to learn quicker by getting over the initial frustration and understanding that by getting random different phrases thrown at you, you have no choice but to buckle down and learn it (one way or another). It pretty much sums up trying to speak the language to a native speaker and listening to their responses. It's hard, much harder than getting a little trick here and there on duolingo.

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