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  5. "Hvad føler du?"

"Hvad føler du?"

Translation:What do you feel?

September 11, 2014



Can this be used if someone is sick and you want to ask them how they feel?


Not really, it's a question about their emotional state. If someone was sick you could say "hvordan har du det".


So the direct translation is "what do you feel", but in English it would actually be "How do you feel". Which, looking at it now, seems weird. Of course English really is weird


I know literally this is "What do you feel?", but is the phrase equivalent to English "How do you feel?" or to "What do you feel?"


Can this be used for emotions? Like, "What are you feeling [emotionally]?" Or is there a different verb for feeling emotions?


Is this only for emotional state or also for physical touch?

For example, if somebody stuck their hand into a box through a narrow opening, could you use this to ask them what they feel inside the box? (e.g. "something soft, something prickly")


One of the sentences we practice is "De føler dyrene" We touch the animals, soooo yes :D. Føler is when living things touch stuff or feel things. We use "rører" when inanimate objects touch things.


But the examples that have been provided earlier in this course to help us learn the ver RØRER involved animate objects (KATTEN RØRER DEN, and RØREN HAN VED HENDE?).


Would "Hvad føler dig?" also be correct?


I don't think so, this would be wrongly trasnlated as "what feels you", like, something is feeling you (dig is the object pronoun, or in the acusative case)


I believe that the phrase, "How do you feel should also be correct", since "What do you feel" is not commen nor used, unless you are being examined by a doctor and they are asking what type of pain you are actually feeling. At least have "How do you feel" accepted as an answer to this danish phrase.


The lyrics of Blue Monday but in Danish, get it? "How does it feel? To treat me like you do..."

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