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  5. "Tá pláta agam."

" pláta agam."

Translation:I have a plate.

September 11, 2014



is "dish" completely wrong here?


Yep. There's a different word for dishes. pláta is solely plate.


Nil keyboard as gailge agam


I can manage to make sentences with this "Tá... agam /agat /aige/aici" structure. But I still can't make sense to it... I'm trying to find a litteral translation to make sense of it. Would "A plate - is - what I have" be a good litteral translation? Could "what I have" be a translation of "agam" on its own?


Is a plate to me. Or in good English: a plate is to me/I have a plate.


the preposition "ag" means something like "at", so "agam" is "at me or on me" and so on. So "tá pláta agam" is like "is a plate on me = i have a plate"


The Irish audio has an option for a slowed-down version but when you play it, it's at the same speed as the regular audio. It would really help if the slow version worked.

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