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  5. "Han følte noget i sine sko."

"Han følte noget i sine sko."

Translation:He felt something in his shoes.

September 11, 2014



In "she felt something under the table" the translation accepted was "hun mærkede noget under bordet." For that, følte wasn't accepted. I figured the reason for this was that in Danish there was a distinction between feeling something physically and emotionally. Yet here I can see that's not the case. Is there any such distinction, or was it just an error?


From what I can gather from DDO, between my meager vocabulary and Google Translate, the two words appear interchangeable. In fact, the first definitions of both mærke and føle are identical.


I thought so too, but ScottHutch is right, ordnet.dk has "fysisk påvirkning ved hjælp af følesansen" for both verbs. In English (feel - notice - sense) or Dutch (voelen - merken) there is a similar overlap not always with a clear distinction. If it is similar, "at mærke" may stress that you suddenly notice something that wasn't there before.


Jeg også kan godt lide kende det... Så er der en dansk man eller kvinde at forklare det? :D :D I'm not sure if I said it right, but I'm trying to use Danish as much as possible...

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Probably Lego blocks in his shoes :D


This should be "Hun mærkede noget i sine sko. " Wouldn't, Han følte noget i sine sko" mean he feels emotions in his shoes? Like tingly feelings?


Maybe it's a fish that had too much wine


Shouldn't "shoe" (singular) be accepted?


No because of that would be "sin sko." The "sine" means it's plural.

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