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  5. "Spiser du et helt brød?"

"Spiser du et helt brød?"

Translation:Are you eating a whole loaf of bread?

September 11, 2014



This sentence would not be possible sentence in the dialects of American English with which I am familiar. Without a unit, either "loaf" or "slice," bread is dealt with as something that is not countable. Thus, one might say "a whole slice of bread" or "a whole loaf of bread" (or a whole roll, muffin, biscuit, etc.), but one would no more say "a whole bread" than "a whole sugar" or "a whole milk," which, of course, mean other things.


Wow, I never realized that! Thanks! I guess English is quite unique in this regard?


It seems to be something peculiar to the way we talk about bread, too, since I can ask "Have you eaten the whole cake?" or "Have you eaten the whole pie?" It is only with bread that I have to ask "Have you eaten all the bread?" in the same way I would ask whether you had drunk all the milk.


It has now been corrected :)


Of course, I still would have gotten it wrong. I thought it might be a way of saying what we call "whole wheat" bread--brown wheat bread, as opposed to white.


And is the other kind just brød, or can you specify hvidbrød or hvidt brød or something?


We call that grovbrød, or alternatively groft brød, meaning coarse bread :)


A cake or a pie is a single unit, while bread is a substance. A loaf is a unit. A slice is a unit. You can only use "whole" with units. You have to use "all of" with substances.


You might find this interesting.


I too was misled by the word whole. Wondered if brød could mean a slice, a piece or even the loaf. Sure enough, under the hints for brød was loaves. Guess brød can be a bit or the whole thing


I answered do you eat a whole bread and got marked wrong but loaf isnt mentioned at all in the question ?


I did not see anything that would be Danish for loaf so I left it out, even though as the other commenter pointed out, the phrase would never be used that way in english. But if it IS used that way in Danish, we should know. IF it can be loaf or slice, either implied, in my opinion there are too many variables here to make it a meaningful test question.


Should it not also accept: "are you eating a whole bread loaf?" While it sounds slightly more awkward, I believe it to be as grammatically correct


The sentence would also not be possible in Australian English either. I don’t think it would be possible in any form of English.


A whole bread loaf should be correct right?

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