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" an Mhárta."


September 11, 2014



There appear to be three constructions (so far!) for the months? Using March as the example... Márta Mí Márta Mí an Mhárta. Are these all interchangeable? Or are there particular occasions to use each of them?

  • Márta = March
  • Mí Márta = month of March
  • Mí an Mhárta = the month of March

In the first construction, Márta is nominative; in the others, Márta is genitive.


Except i was just marked wrong for saying "Month of March"... :/


I guess that the definite article is needed. "The month of March" "Na" seems to combine "of" and "the"


With what is being said here, how does ''mi an mharta'' (the month of march), suddenly become ''march'' for the required answer ?


Required? Did you try to submit "The month of March", and if so, was it rejected? Did you take a screenshot?

The pattern of usage is different in English and Irish. In circumstances where you would typically just say "March" in English, you are more likely to say Mí an Mharta in Irish. As this is a genitive construction, and English speakers often have trouble with using the Genitive in Irish, it's important to introduce plenty of examples of this type of normal, day to day genitive construction so that you can get used to them.


"month of march" is definitely rejected and the "correct" answer suggested is "March".

Not withstanding "March" is the most common way of saying it in English, this is very confusing.

Have a screenshot but can't see how to post

I would suggest either all 3 are accepted or the suggested correct answer is "the month of March".


"month of march" isn't correct - it's either "March" or "the month of March" in English.

Idir mí Márta agus deireadh na bliana - "between (the month of) March and the end of the year"
Bhí mé i Nua-Eabhrac i mí Márta le haghaidh an mhórshiúil - "I was in New York in (the month of) March for the parade" Idir mí an Mhárta agus deireadh na bliana - "between (the month of) March and the end of the year"
Bhí mé i Nua-Eabhrac i mí an Mhárta le haghaidh an mhórshiúil - "I was in New York in (the month of) March for the parade"


Why is " Márta" in "Mí Márta" not lenited? is it not the genitive case also? or does it only work with the definite article?


The genitive of "Márta" is "Márta". Masculine genitive nouns are lenited after the singular definite article "an".



but the translation for Mí an Mhárta as given above is just "March"


They all mean the same thing in practice and are interchangeable.


French does something similar. You often hear "au mois de mars" when in English you would simply say "in March."


The grammar rules are at the following but memorization of the results seems easier than memorizing the declensions and following the rules: https://blogs.transparent.com/irish/nios-mo-faoi-na-mionna-more-about-the-months-in-irish/


Why is "márta" lenited here? Because the dictionary says that it's a masculine word, so that can't be the reason...


an Mhárta is the genitive singular of Márta. The phrase 'Mí an Mhárta' means 'the month of March' (i.e. March should be in the genitive).


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