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Is there another Spanish book we should be studing?

I'm basically just starting out. I'm on lesson 5. But it seems they keep wanting me to translate things without the knowledge or vocabulary to do so. Is there some place where I should go to learn more vocabulary?

September 4, 2012



If you look at the top of the page you will see a vocabulary tab in which you will be able to learn words you select and there various forms. thankyou chad b.


That is an option to practise your vocabulary indeed, but you should not have to translate words that you don't know. Every time a new word shows up in your lessons, it should be marked yellow and the possible translations for this word should show up. If this is not the case, you can hover your mouse over it to read it's translations. You can use this trick with words that have appeared before as well. :)


Thanks for you answer Draoon1. However, unless I'm missing something the only vocabulary that is offered is the vocabulary I already learned in the lessons. The translations have many words that are not listed in the vocabulary. Perhaps there additional vocabulary somewhere that will help with the translations?


How about a dictionary? :) (in book form on online)


Mooninorbit: In the translation section, you can hover you mouse over any word and get a roll-out menu with possible translations. In context, you should be able to pick the suitable word. If you need some more help with vocabulary, I recommend the online dictionary wordreference: http://www.wordreference.com/


Agree with jaap, I use google translate a lot. I experiment with sentences we use on a daily basis (in English) and see if I can translate them to Spanish; this helps.


Great answers everyone! Thanks. It's all helpful. It's good to know about the google translate and the dictionary online. Also hovering over the words in the translation is a tool that gives the whole exercise value. Now it makes sense.

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