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  5. "Welke ziekte heb ik?"

"Welke ziekte heb ik?"

Translation:What disease do I have?

September 11, 2014



I was just thinking, is there a different word in dutch for "sickness"? Or is "ziekte" used for both, "disease" and "sickness"?


is "sickness" more of a general idea, meaning any light queasiness or common illness, like when you eat a foot-long hotdog and then go on a roller-coaster...or bumper cars! (??), or can you say "sickness" when referring to something serious, like the flu, or a fever?


as far as I know sickness, disease and illness are synonyms, ziekte means all of them.


Isn't 'which disease' rather than 'what disease' a better translation?


Yes, a more literal translation, although when other languages use "which," it is more common for English speakers to use "what" in the same situations

[deactivated user]

    It's Welke because Ziekte is "de" word, right?

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