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Practice again button in timed practice disappeared

When I do the timed practice for individual skills and get at least one answer right, there are options to practice again or continue. If I don't get any answers right the option to practice again no longer shows up. I can only go back home.

September 11, 2014




Update: You are in an A/B test group.


Ah, I must be in the test group too... quite annoying, to be honest. I suppose they want to check the effect of the lack of the button on learning/behavior? When I run out of hearts I simply refresh the page, which has the same effect as clicking the (now-none-existent) "try again", just more bothersome.


As Emnez points out, if you have a missing retry button you can substitute it by refreshing the page (ctrl+r, or place the cursor in the address bar and hit enter) when you want to retry. Hopefully this test won't go on too long when they find that most users simply go back to where they were anyway - I guess they are trying to see whether we will go do something else (such as Immersion?) instead of retrying the lesson...


Yeah, that's what I thought too, about what they are trying to see-- which wouldn't really "work" in case people figure out that they can just refresh. By the way, the F5 button works too for most systems, or as far as I can tell. I hope this trial ends soon. I appreciate the active effort of DL's management to try out new things and make things better, however. Kudos!


Is it also part of the test that even though I didn't get any sentences right, it sometimes marks that lesson gold again, so I can't find it in the tree? I just did an experiment and it didn't mark it gold when I only tried+failed one sentence, but it did mark it gold after I tried+failed five sentences.

(Now that I know about refreshing, I don't have to worry about finding it again, but I sure hope this test ends soon.)


That's a different AB test: word_strength_failure_experiment(the one the others are discussing is hide_retry_button_experiment). It's actually a minor change that simply makes failed review sessions behave consistently with completed reviews.

The normal, non-test behavior has been to mark all questions answered to full strength, and to increase decay rates for words answered correctly and to decrease it for words that were missed. This is done, as explained by the devs elsewhere, because the words are recently reviewed and fresh in your mind whether answered correctly or not. Missed words will decay faster due to the errors, and will need to be practiced again sooner. Words for reviews that are failed entirely get no adjustment whether you got those words right or not.

Edit to add: Here's a couple of posts I've made in the past that explain the effect strengthen exercises and decay rates on your vocabulary. These will help explain why practicing 1 word or 5 words (coincidentally) strengthen your skills:



An AB test group for what? What are they carrying out?


Then I guess I'm in this test group too. For how long will this testing go on? I quite miss that button, it is annoying to be thrown back to the top of the skill tree and then have to scroll down to the same lesson again (as I am too dense to have realised that you can refresh the page instead, and too stubborn to try another lesson/immersion).


No idea how long the group will run. I only confirmed there was a test running at all by encountering it when I peeked at the page code. If it doesn't test well, you'll get your button back or if it does then everyone will lose theirs. Test groups happen all of the time for one thing or another. The experimental nature of Duolingo is what has lead to it becoming the most successful online language learning experiences. So, I tend to tolerate the changes with some good humor.

At 351 days, I've been in more test groups than I can count. It feels pretty common place now. The good ones are exciting and the ones I don't care for get an eyeroll as I find away around it like with the f5/refresh solution to this one. It's a pain at first because we forget and then it just becomes automatic again. So, I don't ruffle all that easily anymore. It's all like a little adventure now. I never know what I'll get tomorrow when i sign in. kind of exciting. ^_^


Thanks for your reply! As I'm new to the Duolingo forum it seems that I mistook you for someone with more inside information than you might actually have. I hope I didn't seem grumpy (I'm not! :) ).


I also have no button and honestly I have found it rather frustrating to press enter without thinking almost instantaneously and be presented with the tree.


This is infuriating. Stop the test, you have the results: it sucks not being able to retry immediately and it's messing with my learning. I'm at the end of my rope with this site over this.


Hit the browser's refresh button. :)


Sure, that works okay to start the practice again.

But it doesn't solve the problem where you can't get to the "Review lesson" button that shows up if you get at least one right.


I've got that too! Are we in another test group, maybe!


Did you try anything I suggested above? If not, will you and then let me know if it made a difference at all?


I've had this for a couple of days and have certainly been in and out of the browser, turned computer off and on, etc and it remains, so I think it must be a trial of something!


Thanks for the feedback!


I was just about to report this.

I first noticed that the retry button missing Yesterday when doing the 10th lesson of "Verbs: Present 3" in the German tree. I lost all three hearts a couple of times when doing that lesson and only the back to home button was present.

The retry button has never reappeared since then. It is also not shown when strengthening previous skills.

My web browser is Chromium 37.0.2062.94 running under Ubuntu 14.04.

Obviously not a huge deal, as only a bit more scrolling and clicking is needed to get back to the failed lesson/skill.


Also, when I go to a skill, the front page only gives me 'strengthen skills' as a button (I have completed the tree), whereas previously I had a choice between strengthen and 'redo lesson'. It's not a problem, just different!


A recent change to the skill_redesign_experiment has made practice the default slide shown (previously practice was on a separate button to the left the lesson slides for this test). To repeat a lesson, you now have to select the lesson you want to repeat, either by clicking on the lesson number (below the "strengthen" button) or by using the arrow to the left of the lesson slide to navigate to the lesson you wish to repeat.


I like this change. I mostly review previous lessons, and for a new lesson, the button to test out of the section was in the same place as the "review" button. Now that the "review" button and "start lesson" button are in the same place, I'm not likely to click the "skip" button again.


My retry button is also missing from both timed practice and failed lessons. I am using Firefox 31.0 and Ubuntu 14.04.

While it isn't tricky to get back to where I want to be, I would definitely like to have that button back. If anyone finds it, please let me know :-)


check my updated comment.

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