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  5. "Cad é an meán?"

"Cad é an meán?"

Translation:What is the average?

September 11, 2014


[deactivated user]

    In statistics you have the mean, median and mode as a measure of average.

    meán = mean (commonly called the average)

    airmheán = median (middle item when arranged in order)

    mód = mode (item occurring most frequently)

    Also have meán lae (mid-day) and meán oíche (midnight)


    Well said, moloughl!


    I'm a wee bit confused.. what is this question doing here? Any guesses?


    My guess is that meán is introduced mainly to provide familiarity with it when it’s used in other words, e.g. Meán Fómhair (“September”, literally “middle of autumn”).


    Yeah. Good guess, I suppose :)


    For example: I have 5 apples and Paul has 7 apples. What is the average number of apples that we each have?


    That's awesome! The math word for ehat most people consider the average is mean, or middle (apparently) in Irish.


    Can this also be translated as 'what is the middle'? That is to say 'Meán Fómhair' means the middle of fall (I find it easier to remember it as fall rather than autumn, since they sound more similar). And the middle of fall is September.

    So could you for example say 'what is in the middle'?


    Yes, it could be translated as “What is the middle?”, though lár might be heard more frequently than meán, e.g. Cad é sa lár? (“What’s in the middle?”), Ní hí a méar mheáin í sin. (“That isn’t her middle finger.”)


    Couldn't this be like "cad ata an mean" ?

    [deactivated user]

      No. It's really Cad is é an meán? but the copula (is) is dropped but understood to be there. See meaning 2 (a) for cad.


      Can it be what is the medium as in art or broadcasting (singular of media)?

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