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  5. "Du har mest."

"Du har mest."

Translation:You have the most.

September 11, 2014



Is there any way to differentiate having the most and having most of something? I might, for example, have most spices in my cabinet. I do not, however, have the most spices in my cabinet. Mest seems to be translated both ways.


"Flest" usually refers to a quantity of something. "Mest" seems to refer to a quality of something. So, in your sentence, "flest" would mean you have "the most" spices. I don't know if "mest" works there or not. (I know that I probably didn't answer your question, but I at least wanted to point this out). Confirmation from someone that knows?


Hi! I am not a dane. According to a danish grammar book that I am reading, with uncountables you use "mere" or "mest", and with countables "flere" and "flest".


Hi! I am interested too.

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