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"Drengen spiser kvindernes fisk."

Translation:The boy eats the women's fish.

September 11, 2014



why dont they ever pronounce the d or r ...its all kvnananananas


there is a difference between the first "e" and the second "e", because of the "r"- if you listen carefully. but yeah, no "d" in there.


How do I know when is 'spiser' 'eat/eats' and when it is 'is eating'?


Its the same, I read in the notes on the web version that they dont distiguish between them. I presume there will be some word for emphasis if you really needed to hammer home the that its happening right now as in 'The boy EAT 'now' cake' but i havent come across it yet. Hope some native Danes can help us out here


I'm confused on how to differentiate whether it's implying an "ing" or "s".. someone help me please.. like this translation.. is it possible that the translation would be "eating" instead of "eats"?


Simple present and continuous form are the same in Danish. So it can both be "eats" and "eating".

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