"Ze hoort geen enkel dier."

Translation:She does not hear a single animal.

September 11, 2014



I'm having a lot of problems getting through this section. MY English translations are ok such as "she hears not a single animal" and it is marked wrong. I'm about to give up.

September 11, 2014


I imagine that it's really annoying to come across things like that, especially if it happens a lot in one section. But please keep in mind that the course hasn't been in beta for that long, so many translations and synonyms are still missing. The course builders depend on people like you to find and report them, so they can improve the course. You can report these using the Report a Problem button that shows up when your answer is marked.

September 11, 2014


Ok and thanks for your explanation. I may have overreacted. My frustration was also because I started to guess at what the Duolingo translation expected rather than simply translating. I am a big fan of Duolingo.

September 12, 2014


"She hears not a single animal" is accepted as of Feb 7, 2015.

February 7, 2015


Don't give up!

March 5, 2016


The best thing to do in these situations is report the problem. This is the main way that Duo expands the translations it will accept.

December 30, 2015


Should have asked this earlier but what is the difference between zij and ze for she? I put in zij hoort and it was wrong. Is it only certain verbs where you must have ze instead of zij?

November 1, 2015


Hi Celia,

Ze and zij mean the same, but they are pronounced differently.

The -e in ze sounds like the -e in 'the', while -ij sounds a bit like -ay in 'clay'.

Chances are you were doing a dictation exercise and you typed the wrong one.

Hope this helps!

July 5, 2017


In addition: they're basically the same, except 'zij' is stressed meaning you put more emphasis in 'she' in the sentence. 'Ze' is unstressed. Likewise as to Jij - Je. They are both interchangeable. You had probably got it wrong from a listening exercise, in which what you actually hear is what you should write, or otherwise it will mark you wrong..

May 2, 2018


What is the difference between "geen enkel" and "geen enkele"?

September 21, 2014


"geen enkele" is used when you say 'een' or 'de' before the word. so for example: een tafel --> geen enkele tafel de stoel --> geen enkele stoel When you say 'het' before the word, you use 'geen enkel'. For example: het boek --> geen enkel boek het glas --> geen enkel glas

October 12, 2014


what's the difference between this sentence and "Ze hoort geen dier"? would it be that the "enkel" puts more emphasis?

June 9, 2016


Precisely, 'enkel' add emphasis.

July 5, 2017


What about "She doesn't hear any animal at all"?

It doesnt accept it. Should i report it?

February 27, 2015


At all would be 'helemaal' and since thats not in the sentence, at all shouldnt be included either

April 13, 2015


I don't think you should report it, because you got "at all" part out of nowhere. So Duolingo is not to blame.

February 27, 2015


I put she does not hear one single animal, instead of a, coz in my head that is what I would say.

April 17, 2017


Why is "she hears no single animal" a wrong translation? :)

November 12, 2015


geen = not a(n)/any ;)

November 18, 2015


Ok, bedankt! :)

November 19, 2015
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