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  5. "It is ours."

"It is ours."

Translation:Is linne é.

September 11, 2014



What's the difference between "ár" and "linne"?


Ár is “our”, a possessive adjective. Linne is the closest analogue in Irish to “ours”, a possessive pronoun. Irish doesn’t have possessive pronouns; here, linne is the prepositional pronoun linn with an emphatic suffix -e.


Ah, part of speech is different, gotcha. So would this be correct?

Is linne an leabhar. = "The book is ours."

Is ár leabhar é. = "It's our book."


The first sentence looks correct. I believe that Is é ár leabhar é. would be the correct form of your second sentence, to avoid a definite predicate directly after the copula.


Could the first sentence also include a subpredicate pronoun, like Is linne é an leabhar? I don't exactly know if the subpredicate rule also applies here, like it does in Is dochtúir é an fear.


Not that I know of.


How would you know to put in the emphatic extra e in linn from the printed word


Duairt mé "is linne é" an chead uair agus níor oibrigh sé i gceart, duarit sé gur freagar mícheart a bhí ann... Agus nílim in ann aon reporting a dhéanamh ar an leithéad sin só dúras gur gcaithfinn comment aníos san thread seo.. Só.. Seo chughaimh lads. x


I love how the mouse-over help leads you to think that "tá sí is linne" is correct. and then they tell you the correct translation is something completely different.


See! DL wants you to think for yourself, and to realize "Wait-a-minute! This can't be right."

The mouse-over is rather good, if you remember most of the phrase, but have forgotten one word, e.g. was the apple "ubh" or "úll".

Generally I try to work without mouse-over, because you won't have a mouse-over in real life ;-)

More mistakes make for more efficient learning, and unexpected, unaided success makes for more motivation to go forward.


is there any difference between using the masculine and feminine forms of "it" for this answer? how can we tell it's "é"?

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