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  5. "It is ours."

"It is ours."

Translation:Is linne é.

September 11, 2014



How would you know to put in the emphatic extra e in linn from the printed word


What's the difference between "ár" and "linne"?


Ár is “our”, a possessive adjective. Linne is the closest analogue in Irish to “ours”, a possessive pronoun. Irish doesn’t have possessive pronouns; here, linne is the prepositional pronoun linn with an emphatic suffix -e.


Ah, part of speech is different, gotcha. So would this be correct?

Is linne an leabhar. = "The book is ours."

Is ár leabhar é. = "It's our book."


The first sentence looks correct. I believe that Is é ár leabhar é. would be the correct form of your second sentence, to avoid a definite predicate directly after the copula.


Could the first sentence also include a subpredicate pronoun, like Is linne é an leabhar? I don't exactly know if the subpredicate rule also applies here, like it does in Is dochtúir é an fear.


Not that I know of.


Duairt mé "is linne é" an chead uair agus níor oibrigh sé i gceart, duarit sé gur freagar mícheart a bhí ann... Agus nílim in ann aon reporting a dhéanamh ar an leithéad sin só dúras gur gcaithfinn comment aníos san thread seo.. Só.. Seo chughaimh lads. x


is there any difference between using the masculine and feminine forms of "it" for this answer? how can we tell it's "é"?

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