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"Chonaic réamhaisnéis na haimsire ar an Aoine."

Translation:I saw the weather forecast on Friday.

September 11, 2014



Since this sentence is referring to a particular Friday, is ar an Aoine an equivalent substitute for Dé hAoine? I had thought that ar an Aoine would have been preferred for a generic Friday, i.e. “on a Friday” rather than “on Friday”, despite the an.

EDIT: It is an equivalent substitute. The NEID gives an example of ar an Aoine referring to a particular Friday in the past:

the airlift of troops took place on Friday tharla aeraistriú na dtrúpaí ar an Aoine


Thank you. I was wondering the same thing.


This sentence no longer appears in the NEID. Now the dictionary uses “ar an Aoine” only as a translation of “on/on a Friday(s)”. “On Friday” is “Dé hAoine”.


The NEID entry for "forecast" includes this entry:
"the forecast is bad for Monday" - táthar ag tuar drochaimsire ar an Luan

presumably referring to a specific Monday rather than Mondays generally.


Where i come from weather report and weather forecast are interchangeable. Is that not the case here?


Same question. I'm assuming this is another case where DL doesn't have both listed as acceptable answers. I'd report it.


The prefix réamh explicitly makes this a forecast, rather than a report. faisnéis na haimsire is "the weather report".


Thanks-- knowing what the prefixes etc mean is a HUGE help in remembering the vocabulary.


Shouldn't 'réamhaisnéis na haimsire' have an 'an' before it?


The first noun does not need to be defined with an article "an" because it is already defined by the defined genitive "na haimsire".

Hata cait = a cat's hat (both undefined) An hata cait = the cat hat, as in the kind of hat a cat would wear (only the hat is defined) Hata an chait = the hat of the cat (both defined, so no need for a defining article at the start ...) Hata don chat = a hat of the cat (only the cat is defined)


Irish nouns phrases can only have on definite article, and in this case the na covers that.


why is this correct and not i saw a weather forecast on the friday


As the other comments mention, the na in a genitive phrase like réamhaisnéis na haimsire makes the whole phrase definite.

"a weather forecast" is just réamhaisnéis aimsire.

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