"The leaf"

Traducción:La hoja

June 1, 2013

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Alguien me puede decir cual es la diferencia entre sheet y leaf


leaf se usa para referirse a la hoja de un arbol y sheet para referirse a una hoja de papel


Sheet se refiere a una hoja de papel, y leaf a hoja de un árbol.


También se puede utilizar 'leaf/leaves' para las páginas de libros o carpetas en inglés. P.ej: "Take a leaf out of their book" y "turn over a new leaf" son modismos.

'To leaf' se usa como verbo también: 'to leaf through a book' - para echar un vistazo rápido al libro.

Y 'leaf' tiene dos plurales aceptables: 'leaves' (principalmente), y 'leafs' (algunos dialectos).


The only plural form of 'leaf' is 'leaves'.


Hi Andrea, leafs is a valid/standard plural in some dialects other than AE and RP. Pop up to Scotland for example and you'll hear both leafs and leaves depending on where exactly you are; both are acceptable.


I must admit I'm not very familiar with Scottish colloquial usage, but certainly the use of 'leafs' must be regional, as it doesn't appear as a valid plural form in any of the reference books or dictionaries I have consulted. Perhaps you have another source and will correct me here!


I see what you mean re refs. It's the plural in Scots, which has also naturally informed Scottish English. I'm sure I've heard its use in other dialects but I couldn't tell you definitely which, tho I'd guess perhaps Northumbrian or Geordie the best bets amongst others.
Perhaps I shouldn't really have muddied the water with it, leaves is by far the more common plural, but do myself enjoy learning and knowing about regionalisms and dialects (and slang, and idioms) of whichever language. Lets see if I can insert links found...
Webster's, Wiktionary.


Creo que "leaf" es hoja, pero según la región pueden tener distinta connotación, aunque siempre signifique lo mismo.☺✋


It may interest you to know that in East Anglia it is common to used 'runned' as the past tense of 'run'. That doesn't make it correct, however, and those who use it know that perfectly well, but it is part of their dialect.


That is interesting, I like that. But I'd have to say that it might also make it correct...

If 'runned' is commonly spoken, a colloquialism, but yet still considered as either slang or incorrect when written, in East Anglian, then such it would be. But if it is correct as a part of the East Anglian dialect then it is a correct form of English, just not a correct form of RP. Just like 'leafs' is still correct.

Some people spell colour, 'color' - that does not make it wrong, just correct in a different dialect of English. That particular dialect being the one this course is mainly teaching - it wouldn't be much fun if they marked 'colour' wrong every time, just because it wasn't AE.


Gracias.por hacerme ver la diferencia.


juro que entendi believe.


Entendi" believe"


Pronunciación de leave y de leaf (?)

  • 1304

Leave = "Livv"

Leaf = "Lif"

Life = "Laiff"


Lo traduciría como "hoja". Aunque puede haber otras opciones de significados de traducción.


Leave , leaf sheet = hoja pero duo nunca es claro a que tipo de hoja se refiere

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