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I love the new Immersion section!

I don't know if it's been posted before but I just wanted to let the team know I really like the new way you've set up the Immersion section. You guys have definitely been listening to us users and the experience just keeps getting better and better!

June 1, 2013



I do too but hate it when someone just copy/pastes a wiki page; hyperlinks, subtitles, awkward formatting etc.


You have no control on the formatting or content of what you're trying to upload from a given web page. You simply give DuoLingo the weblink and it does the rest. Currently, to translate wikipedia pages, you copy and paste the weblink, and DuoLingo assumes all text on the page needs translating.


Yeah I haven't uploaded anything so I wouldn't know how it works. It is also weird how in some articles translations are cut in mid sentence.


So happy to hear this! We're always interested in hearing feedback from the community. Appreciate this thread :) Thank you!


I know right!!!!!!!

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