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  5. "The woman reads your words."

"The woman reads your words."

Translation:A mulher lê as tuas palavras.

June 1, 2013



Do we know why 'A mulher lê as sua palavras.' is wrong?


because palavras is plural and therefore sua needs to be in the plural as well, which is suas.


Nope, there are 2 alternatives using 'tuas' and 'suas'. Both are used by Brazilians and should be accepted as correct answers. However 'suas' is not accepted.


i don't think so


Plural 'Your' I think.


Suas should be right, but I didn't put the S so maybe that's why. Confused with spanish!


I have made this comment numerous times before. When I type something which is wrong why can't you show what I typed when telling me the correct answer? That way I can see where I am going wrong and learn for my mistakes. Please Duolingo lets sort this please. It must be such a simple change to make at your end. If there is a problem doing this please let me know and it will save me continuing to harp on about it and I will have to look for another solution.


Is " A mulher lê as palavras tuas" rigth ?


It is, but not commonly used in Brazil.


Why do i have to put "as" in this sentence?


Well...you don't really NEED to (even though Duolingo may require it), but in Latin languages, it's common to use the article (similar to "the" in English) in addition to the possessive pronoun. This strengthens the focus on the fact that you are referring to something specific, e.g. specific words in this case. When in English you'd say "I read your words", you would use "Eu leio AS suas palavras" in Portuguese to indicate that you are referring to some specific words. However, I don't think Duolingo should deem your answer wrong if you are lacking the article. I do emphasise that I'm not a native speaker, so I'm not the big, final & never-ever-wrong encyclopedia here...


The pronunciation of 'Tuas' is wrong :P


I wrote "A mulher lê seus palavras" as "your words" is genderly undefined, but Duo days it's wrong. Shouldn't seus be correct also?


No because palavras is feminine and seus is masculine

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