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  5. "Hvor er badeværelset?"

"Hvor er badeværelset?"

Translation:Where is the bathroom?

September 12, 2014



I hope I never have to pee in Denmark.


    Don't worry! If you only need a pee (or the toilet, at least) you can just ask "Hvor er toilettet?"


    This simple question is unusually difficult to pronounce at first! : /


    Badeværset er langt væk, undskyld! Agså det er beskidt :/


    In many languages, a bathroom is for bathing, showering, and washing one's face. So, if you want to pee, it would sound odd to ask for the bathroom. How is that in Danish?


    I agree, Americans sound quaintly formal when they ask for a whole bathroom. As if they expect no less than a guided tour of a new one. There's nothing wrong with asking to use a toilet.


    Isn't that there word you're supposed to make easiest for tourists?!


    bathroom and toilet are different things here. "Et toilet" is what you're looking for as a tourist.


    Having read comments on other similar sentences, I thought 'badeværelset' could also mean 'the toilet'. I tried 'where is the toilet' as a translation and it was not accepted. I'm somewhat confused now!


    Americans often use the word "bathroom" to mean "a room containing a toilet", but "bathroom" in British English and its parallels in other languages (badeværelse, Badezimmer, cuarto de baño, salle de bains. etc.) means a room for bathing in. That is to say, it must contain a bath -- it may or may not contain a toilet too. It's therefore safest to ask directly: "Where is the toilet?"


    Difficult but I try (Betheverseh) to remember

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