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The system is not enabling the lessons!!! :'(

Apparently I am not the only that can't advance to further lessons. Once I finished a certain lesson, the system is not allowing me to advance further; therefore I completed the same lesson over and over again and I still being stuck in the same lesson.

I hope this flaw may be corrected.

Please people!! those who have the same problem give Like to this post so the staff notices quickly about the current issue and they fix it sooner.


September 12, 2014



This issue should not be happening now. Are you still seeing the skills unlocked?


not anymore. thanks! But many strange things heppened today:

Yesterday, I did Lesson 4, 5 and 6 of Communication skills and when I opened Duolingo today, lessons 5 and 6 were locked again. Also, the exact same vocabulary that belongs to lesson 5 appeared in lesson 6 as well. Finally I got stuck in the same lesson (lesson 5), which I completed twice without advancing to lesson 6... 15 minutes later I was able to do lesson 6 but it had the vocabulary issue that I previosly explained.

Neverthless, everything is going well and perfect now. Thank you!


We are tweaking a few things here and there to improve Duolingo. Thank you so much for the report and for bearing with us!


Just being curious: Can you comment on what you are tweaking and maybe why it's resulting in these blocked-advance-issues that apparently can't be fixed in three day's time?


I am getting this problem - i have been stuck on 'Phrases' for days and days - all it allows me to do is to strengthen skills. The next lesson appears permanently locked. To be honest I'm getting bored as I completely understand the curent lesson i seem to be locked into


Are you still experiencing this issue?


Success! Thanks pamec! Everything is going on the normal flow now.


Great, thanks for getting in touch!


I'm getting slow response time....which is very unusual.....but the strangest thing is I keep getting a message telling my you've updated my Spanish tree to teach me better........no other information.......and I can't figure out what changed......and then the message goes away..........comes back again...........goes away........etc..........


Hi! I got stuck again in the same lesson; and some of the lessons I finished yesterday are locked again.


Right now, I can't advance past lesson 5 in Spanish "Verbs: Phrasal Future Tense". The problem seems to persist.


I'm having the same problem.

I'm stuck on German Adverbs 1, lesson 6. It won't unlock lesson 7, it just keeps prompting me to "start" lesson 6 rather than "redo" lesson 6.

Duolingo staff, please fix this problem.

Thank you.


It looks like it's been corrected.


This happened to me about 45 minutes ago and it is fixed now.. Hopefully others start working again soon!


I am having this problem as well; I'm stuck on lesson 6 of Verbs Present 3. It seem from reading the topic here that a fix has been implemented, but I still have the problem. I'll try closing and restarting, etc. Maybe that will help.

Is there anything else I should do?


Same here, maybe it's a bug from the last duolingo update. They changed a few things. I guess we can only wait.


It has been corrected. Thank you very much!


Hello, I seem to be having a similar issue on getting past the German Adverbs 2 and Nature 2 section.


For days it has not let me advance beyond French phrases. I want to move on to food but it is locked.


I am stuck on greek, want to go to my German and Spanish


Hello! i have the same problem, i am not able to have more lessons, i am 44% progress and i want to continue, PLS HELP ME!!!

Thank you


This thread is pretty old, but I am having the same issue with the catalan/spanish course. It started out working fine, but it no longer advances unless I test out of the section. Any help would be appreciated.



I'm having the same problem with my Italian course. Can't get to the next lesson: education


your right its happening to a lot of people but the doulingo team will do something don't worry. :)


thanks! I know, the DuoTeam has been always very aware of the issues; they are very efficient.


i have da same prob. wt cn i do?


you can send a message to pamec. And they will fix it as soon as they notice.


Yeah I'm having this problem, too. I'm sure it will get fixed soon, or at least I hope. I have three weeks off starting today and I want to make some serious progress!


Hi there, we put a fix. Are you currently having the same issue?


Yes, unfortunately I am. I'm stuck on Portuguese at Verbs, Infinitive 1


I am checking your account now.


I've had this problem since yesterday, I cannot progress past the Adverbs for German. Is there someone who can assist?


We are working on a fix. Please bear with us.


it is working now, I appreciate your help!


I can't get beyond Phrases in French...it's been stuck for a week.


Hi! I am having more or less the same problem with Danish, and it's been going on for months now. I am able to move forward using the App, but I prefer to work with the computer. I wrote a message some weeks ago, but no answer from DL yet.


My lesson got stuck in the iphone app and would not let me continue. I had to go to my laptop and stat over and complete!


I have the same problem with my Turkish. Yesterday I've finished the last lesson of the Accusative skill and the Duolingo app showed me 5 golden finished skills. After logging to Duolingo on my laptop today I've found that 5 lessons of 2 skills are blocked again! Those lessons have become blocked in the app too. What can I do to restore my progress? Please help.

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